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Taking over the world, an interview, a shout out and more!

Posted on April 17, 2012 by Jonathan Briggs | 1 Comment

Justgipants.com Gi Pants

It's been a busy week here at Justgipants.com. We have now launched and begun shipping pants worldwide. I just wanted to quickly share two interesting articles about justgipants.com:

The first one is from DSTRYRsg and is a great read. 

The Last Ronin also interviewed this weekend. Check it out to learn more about justgipants.com and what makes us tick.

Coming to the blog soon: more promo videos and some justigpants.com exclusive techniques.

Also, check out these extremely bad ass DSTRYRsg patches. Since Pancrase is the reason i orignally got interested in MMA, I'm pretty sure I'll be rocking one of these soon.

Party on!

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June 06, 2012

Jan17Eric Morris Hey Dewey,Found out about your work through my suitpricsbon to Robertson’s mailer. Very very impressed with your writing, articles, theories. I live in Oakville, southwest of Montreal. Go GSP!I also am a fan of Stuart McGill’s and use his 4 (cat/camel, side plank, bird dog, curl up) with people I train (I train part time, was studying for CSCS early last year, will get around to it later).Anyways, white belt in BJJ, looking forward to reading more and using some of your ideas, wish I had a place like yours to train at. I’ve pulled 405 once in my life, healing some tendinitis in long head of bicep right now (according to Dr. Kinakin), just getting back to Jits this past Wednesday and feeling much better.Cheers man!

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