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Justgipants.com - Gi Pant prices going up

Posted on January 06, 2013 by Jon Briggs | 0 Comments

     As 2012 came to a close, it became clear that Brandon and I (the owner’s of justgipants.com) would either have to make a big change or close up shop.  Justgipants.com started after we realized there was a need for replacement gi pants that was not currently being met by other companies, and we decided to make a run at it. While we are both smart guys, we thought we were a little too smart for our own good. The concept behind the company is that we could produce a better product for a price that is cheaper than other offerings on the market. On top of that, we were going to offer free shipping.  How can you not beat that concept? 

    The problem with the concept is that it is not sustainable. One of the ways we are able to save money is by doing all of the storing and shipping ourselves. When you sell 10 pairs of pants a week, that’s no problem. Brandon and I both have full time jobs and a ton of responsibilities on our plate. Brandon is a full time BJJ instructor and full time Black Belt competitor on a quest to take over the world. I am a Financial Analyst that works 60 hours + a week and travels as much as 3 weeks a month (and a lowly purple belt on a quest to get better). Now that the business is in full swing, shipping has become a much bigger responsibility. Starting at the end of January, we will be using a fulfillment warehouse to ship our orders. This will mean quicker shipping fulfillment that leaves more time for Brandon and I to work on other parts of Justgpants.com’s business.  Using a fuilfilment warehouse also means more cost. Additionally, justgipants.com did very little advertising in 2012. This is also changing. Doing both of those things means increased cost per order, and more management on our end. We either needed to raise prices or close the business. We chose to raise our pants prices by $10. This was not an easy discision, but was one that will keep us in business. At $49.99, our pants will still be one of the cheaper choices on the market and still retain the great quality they always have.

     While we wish we didn’t need to increase prices, we still fell our pants present a very good value. Our pants will be 39.99 until 1/31/13 and will be 49.99 starting 2/1/13. We hope you make an order before 1/31/13 to receive the discounted price, but if not, we feel $49.99 is still a great bargin. 

 Enjoy your pants, enjoy your training. 

Jon Briggs, Co-founder Justgipants.com

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