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We get it, you want to make sure that everything we say on our website is legit. The flashy pictures, the funny videos and the in your face promises  are nothing unless we can back it up. That's why we decided to compile all of the reviews of our pants into one space. Enjoy.

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Senshi - Modern pants Review (

Customer compliments:

These pants are legit! The quality of the pants is top notch. So well reinforced yet so comfortable. The knee areas are especially wonderful. They look simple but upon a closer inspection you can see a lot of thought went into making these pants.
Supergrappler - Sherdog BJJ Forums

I am really liking these pants. Fit excellent, almost no shrinking after a cold cycle, and the drawstring is a winner. The cotton is soft and very comfortable as well. I ordered Friday, had them Monday; they shipped same day. Once things get rolling, I'd like to see black and blue too. The pants, not me.
Surfer Dude - BJJ Forums

The reviews on our each of the products pages is also always expanding: | The Classic White | The Modern White | The Classic Blue