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Rolled Up!, Inside BJJ, and some Gi Pant Reviews | Weekly Wrap-up 4-24-12

Posted on April 25, 2012 by Jonathan Briggs | 5056 Comments

Rolled Up!, Inside BJJ, and some Gi Pant Reviews

It's been a busy time at headquarters. We have been shooting some new videos for everyone that should be released gradually over the next few weeks. These videos include some commercials and other hilarity, in addition to a new technique series by our Co-Founder Brandon Mullins. Look for the first of the exclusive technique series to come out this Friday, April 27th, 2012. Sign up for our mailing list to not miss out on any of our exciting videos.

Not only does entertain and enlighten the BJJ world, we also sell the WORLD'S Best Replacement Gi Pants. The initial reviews have been coming in strong! Feel free to leave any reviews on our product pages (The Modern and The Classic), as more reviews lead to more sales which ultimately lead to more products being offered.

Initial reviews:

These pants are legit! The quality of the pants is top notch. So well reinforced yet so comfortable. The knee areas are especially wonderful. They look simple but upon a closer inspection you can see a lot of thought went into making these pants.
Supergrappler - Sherdog BJJ Forums

I am really liking these pants. Fit excellent, almost no shrinking after a cold cycle, and the drawstring is a winner. The cotton is soft and very comfortable as well. I ordered Friday, had them Monday; they shipped same day. Once things get rolling, I'd like to see black and blue too. The pants, not me.
Surfer Dude - BJJ Forums

Rolled up Episode 32 with Brandon Mullins

Also, our Co-Founder Brandon Mullins was featured in Rolled Up Episode 32 Featuring Draculino. Brandon's section, including a walk through of his Jiu Jitsu cave, starts around the 40:00 minute mark. This episode of Rolled Up is a much watch.

Closing Notes: is now the official sponsor of the weekly main interview on the Inside BJJ Podcast. We are very proud to sponsor such a great podcast. This weeks episode features BJJ and Judo Black belt, Dan Camarillo. Check it out today!

Check out our interview with The Last Ronin. If you missed it, it's a great read on the background of

Have a good week rolling!

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