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Justgipants.com is the result of two guys need for replacement Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi pants. Justgipants.com sells great replacement gi pants, at a great price, with excellent service, and always free shipping*. 


Our Core Beliefs

Justgipants.com pant's are quality made and well designed. Everyone can benefit from training in a quality made, well designed gi pant. Such great pants deserve exceptional customer service. When a product's quality, price and service are all great, everyone wins. We want you to win. Let's all win.

Why sell only Gi Pants?

Gi pants rip at a rate much faster than gi tops. Who wants to buy a new gi every time a pair of pants rip? We are not interested in selling a variety of products that we only somewhat believe in. We wanted to sell the best gi pants available, so we did.