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Justgipants.com is the brainchild of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu World Champion Brandon Mullins. One day he noticed he had a closet full of gi tops and only one pair of gi pants, so he decided to change the game and created Justgipants.com with the help of his friend, Jon Briggs. Justgipants.com sells great replacement gi pants, at a great price, with excellent service, and always free shipping*. 


Our Core Beliefs

Justgipants.com pant's are quality made and well designed. Everyone can benefit from training in a quality made, well designed gi pant. Such great pants deserve exceptional customer service. When a product's quality, price and service are all great, everyone wins. We want you to win. Let's all win.

Why sell only Gi Pants?

Gi pants rip at a rate much faster than gi tops. Who wants to buy a new gi every time a pair of pants rip? We are not interested in selling a variety of products that we only somewhat believe in. We wanted to sell the best gi pants available, so we did.