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Justgipants.com | VOLK HAN!

Posted on July 04, 2012 by Jon Briggs | 2 Comments

Justgipants.com | VOLK HAN!

Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix Sambo, Submission Grappling, Japanese Pro Wrestling and Russia? VOLK HAN! Witness some next level, tricky submissions. Some of this is Pro Wrasslin' and some of this is MMA. In the early days of Japanese MMA, the lines were often blurred. ENJOY!

Happy Fourth of July!

Enjoy your pants, enjoy your training.

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August 21, 2012

Exactly Jason! It’s time to set a new example. Time for us to get out there and move fleery, without worry of what other people think of us. I guarantee if you practice some of these movements outside, you’ll have every kid in site trying to mimic your flow (then you’ll be the coolest person around). You shouldn’t think about others judging you, as much as inspiring those around you with what you do.


August 18, 2012

You have the right idea. I do have a thing though reirdagng the submission thing. You have to at some point make a decision, do I wish to be a finisher or a grinder. Both require alot of skill, however the grinder has the advantage in that learning to control first, allows for them to learn how to finish later. Position over submission dude.Though if your thinking judo performance, its the opposite. You gotta be able to land those triangles etc fast. I’ll be honest, when I’m at Judo practices and I shoot a triangle, if I lose position from it I’m not nearly as frustrated as I would be if I’m passed without ever getting the opportunity to.

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