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Justgipants.com Review from Meerkatsu

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Jon Briggs | 2 Comments

Justgipants.com Review from Meerkatsu

You want to buy some top quality jiu jitsu gi pants, but aren't sure where to turn? 

Most likely you will hit the interwebs, bring up google and start typing. In your search for BJJ gi pants, you will find Justgipants.com. 

<You click the google link.>

Oh Hell yes! Gi Pant heaven. Gi Pant NIRVANA. You fell better than the day you first met your wife. 

<But are these pants any good?>

BACK TO GOOGLE to search for reviews. You hit the Sherdogs and the MMA.tvs and even the Reddits and you still aren't sure. 

<But really... are these pants any good?>

Meerkatsu hears your thoughts and delivers a review. You wanted an independent resource to verify the quality of Justgipants.com pants? Meerkatsu has you covered. Peep Meerkatsu doing his proper British review of Justgipants.com Classic Pants and learn why you need to buy a pair.

Like what he has to say? Buy a pair.

As Always: Enjoy your pants, enjoy your training.

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Justgipants.com | VOLK HAN!

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August 20, 2012

Stands back from the keyboard in amaezemnt! Thanks!


August 18, 2012

I agree with Chris it stands out like it were to be some vooodo or witch craft but this actually happens. You tend to loose weight going to sleep after a great work out . Sleep does remarkable things to the body. Think about it if you take the time be part of a great work out when you go home after working out the first thing that would click on my mind is Dude! I need water . Water is always good for the body it cleans out your system then I would take a shower. Your body will naturally ask you to ley in bed and fall asleep at the end. I love feeling tired personally it lets me know I did somthing I was’nt being lazy today.

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