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Justgipants.com| Technique - Omoplata from Open Guard

Posted on June 27, 2012 by Jon Briggs | 1 Comment

Justgipants.com | Technique - Omoplata from Open Guard

Peep how to turn a situation where your opponent grabs your foot in open guard into a sweet ass Omoplata. 

New technique videos will be up every Thursday. Peep this weeks video on Youtube.

Enjoy your pants, enjoy your training.

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Justgipants.com| Technique - Omoplata from Omoplata

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August 18, 2012

I think you have only scratched the surfcae here. What you say is true, but your level of detail and number of techniques goes way beyond this.If I had to guess how you do it beyond any natural attributes you might have, I’d say that:1. You really think through moves in fact, you actually teach them to yourself better than they have often been presented to you (if you didn’t just work them out on your own).2. You teach them to others which gives you a chance to really imprint them in your brain, explain them, and further develop them. Most people are taught a move or see it, play with it a bit, and are done. You work and work a specific area again and again as you teach it and think about it. I think that is more to the point of how you have so much detailed knowledge in your head.

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