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Technique - Omoplata from S-Mount "The Ride" exclusive

Posted on June 02, 2012 by Jon Briggs | 1 Comment | Technique - Omoplata from S-Mount

Do you want to Omoplata someone from the S-Mount, but never knew how? Listen up because Brandon Mullins is here to show you some sweet ass Omoplata Technique in a exclusive technique video. 

New technique videos will be up every Thursday. Peep this weeks video on Youtube.

Enjoy your pants, enjoy your training.

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August 18, 2012

This is like the Marcelo Garcia sweep kinda? In every grappling match of his I’ve seen him in this ankle lock piostion and then BAM the other guy is on his back. Awesome. Can you actually just FINISh the leglock, too?

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